Top Five Charities to Donate to in Australia

Over the years, there has been an increased support from the Australian community to the various charity organizations established. As they have high trust in the charity sector and as a result, this has led to about four in five Australians committing to give to a particular charity annually, but so many causes that are asking for support. Thus, it is important that you identify the best charities to donate to in Australia.

Let us help you find best charities to donate to in Australia. The following are reputed in this field.

Australia best charities to donate to

1.     The Fred Hallows Foundation

The charity organization improves indigenous health as every $25 that you donate to the charity goes ahead to restore an individual’s eyesight. The foundation has established a very pure and worthy idea of spending only $25 to restore just an individual’s eyesight. The charity has realized the importance of sight especially for people in the third world country that are not able to get proper health care.

2.     Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross charity is famously known as a blood service and one that assists during a disaster. However, they are much more than this. The charity organization goes a step further and feeds the hungry people; they work in partnership with the Aboriginal and the Torres Strait Islander community, they give support to people that have mental health issues, offer career opportunities, I mean the list is endless. Let us not forget the Australian Red Cross charity helps the homeless find safe homes and support the refugees making it amongst the best charities to donate to in Australia. Autism Spectrum Australia

3.     Indigenous Literacy Foundation

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation central vision is ensuring that they make a positive difference in the lives of the various Australian Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islander children. They do this by only focusing on the ways they will be able to improve the people’s literacy level. The charity firmly believes that the young people’s education can be enhanced with the use of positive and enjoyable engagement books. It is with the use of both the community and the family environment at a very early age.

4.     The Royal Flying Doctors Service

The flying doctors offer essential services to the individuals that are situated in the rural areas. The charity organization can fly more frequently than people imagine, about 14 times in a given week to help people out. The charity organization is always there when you need assistance; it is truly one of the best charities to donate to in Australia.

5.     Lifeline

Lifeline is a crisis support that has been able to reduce a strong number of suicide reports within the community. The charity organization is ready to accept donations from t-shirts and old clothes helping the environment in recycling the old things. The items that have been donated will then be sold at very cheap prices, which will go and help the needy people within the community.

We’d also like to cite Autism Spectrum Australia, also referred to as Aspect. This organization leads in providing adequate services for Autism and various other disabilities. They have the largest specialised and evidence-informed school program, as well as giving behaviour support, diagnostic assessment, advice and a lot of support to the parents and family. Additionally, the institution has been able to provide various people with Autism a significant opportunity in realising their own unique potential. It is a good organization that’s worth checking when it comes to charity services.

These charities are the best to donate to while in Australia as they do an excellent job in the community.