Things to Consider when Buying a Swim Spa

Recently, there was an article in the Canberra Times, where it was stated that every year, hundreds of pools are added to the backyards of homes in Canberra and that magnesium based water systems were more in demand. This has further created more demand for swim spa for sale in Canberra.

With a swim spa, you will not only be bringing the experience and enjoyment of open water swimming right into your home but also earning yourself some health benefits. How convenient! These magical things are made in such a way that they can fit into any backyard, patio or recreational space owing to the fact that they come standardized with models having 15 feet length and as less as 8 feet width. What’s even more, swim spas can be used both for indoors or outdoors. With the various benefits that spas carry such as the therapeutic benefits, more people are incorporating spas into their homes. Therefore, as you embark on a journey to look for a swim spa for sale in Canberra, there are parts and components that will need special attention. This article focuses on some of the things you should focus on.

Purification and filtration system

A swim spa requires that a proper system that allows for filtration of contaminants as well as purification to provide an environment that is germ free for users to enjoy their bath be installed. Most of the industry manufacture specifications for a swim spa for sale in Canberra are like those of the pools. Two filtration systems that are common include use of filters where germs and contaminates are physically filtered through a series of filtration surfaces. Another technique is the use of ultra violet light. This usually allows employees to control the spread of bacteria and other microorganisms. They are magnificent way of leaving your spa clean and odorless for it doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals.

Swim current

The swim current is another very crucial factor in swim spa installations. This is because the swim current is a determinant factor in the spa’s performance as well as a person’s performance. Normally the swim current will travel from the front of the spa to the rear. The current generators used include jet propulsions that utilize a number of jets that are positioned at the head of the spa so that water can be pushed towards the swimmer. You can get customized performances by purchasing models that have adjustable jets. The paddle wheel and the propeller are other technologies that are popular too.


Swim spa covers help to maintain elements, filter and trap heat so that the heating cost can be reduced.  Covers for a swim spa for sale in Canberra come in sizes that are standard with others arriving fully framed such that in the event that your spa is located outdoors, they can withstand the buildup of snow or rainwater. It’s common to find covers that have a roll-away  design that can easily be manipulated to leave only active parts of a spa exposed.

The heaters in spas are powered with different systems, including propane, natural gas or even electricity. While the heaters are an integral part of the spa, when you buy swim spas, you should also pay crucial attention to elements  such as the purification and filtration system, swim current  and the covers.