Debunking the 7 Most Common Myths About Mental Illness

Coping up with the symptoms of mental illness alone is a difficult undertaking. Don’t make it any harder by believing in mental health fallacies. Lend a helping hand by searching “mental health GP near me” on the web instead.

Myth #1: People with a mental disorder are violent and dangerous. They should be locked away in an asylum.

Fact: While certain events trigger negative behaviour and result in violent actions like the ones seen on Newspaper and TV, not all people with mental issues can go to that extent. In fact, they are actually tamed especially if they are receiving proper medication from a GP mental health expert.

Myth #2: People with mental illness are weak and mentally incompetent.

Fact: This misconception, unfortunately, affects kids at school and more often than not, they become a laughing stock. But on the actual fact, many people with mental illness excel in academics. Intelligence has nothing to do with a person’s mental issue.

Myth #3: If mental illness runs in your family, you’ll have it too because it’s hereditary.

Fact: Just because a member in your family or a relative has it does not always mean you surely have it too. Hereditary only means you have a higher probability of having it compared to a person who has no mentally ill relative.

Yet, the best thing to do, as early as now, is to consider talking to a mental health doctor by searching “mental health GP near me” on Google.

Myth #4: Depression and Anxiety are character flaws and people can just bust out of their funk.

Fact: Many think that depression and anxiety are just all up in a person’s head, and he or she should just snap out of it. That’s not true. Depression is caused by an underlying serious factor and the people who have it are struggling to live even if they want to be healthy.

A person showing signs of Depression and Anxiety has a great possibility of being at risk with a psychological disorder. Thus, a useful treatment advice must be given by a GP specialising in mental health.

Myth #5: Mentally ill people should not be employed as they can’t function well.

Fact: While people with a more serious mental disorder such as Dementia, severe Schizophrenia, etc. aren’t fit to work, not all people with a mental illness are incompetent at work.

Myth #6: Alcohol and drug abuse is a choice made by weak people.

Fact: Although going through something should not be in any way a reason to overuse drugs and alcohol, addiction can also be caused by an underlying reason. Some people suffering from Depression abuse substance to somehow ease psychological pain. Addiction is a major cry for help. If you know someone struggling with addiction, give help by looking for a mental health doctor.

Myth #7: There’s no cure for it.

Fact: Not all mental disorders are treatable such as Schizophrenia. However, all people with mental illness can somehow control the symptoms that go along with it. So, they can cope up with day to day life demands through proper medication, therapy, and a strong support system from family and loved ones.


Mental health issues should not be taken lightly. The people who have it should be helped instead of degraded. If you know someone affected by a mental condition, help them by searching “mental health GP near me” on the web or visit