There are ways to make the funeral service affordable

The death of a loved one is the most sorrowful event, and family members and close relatives and friends are in a state of shock. They are so shocked they cannot even think about arranging a decent funeral service for the departed soul. In such a situation, the funeral directors in Sydney ensure every arrangement is made for a decent and fitting funeral service.

In the funeral service, the question that normally arises is whether the deceased should be buried or cremated? Although burial is a tradition, many families prefer cremation. In fact, National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) has estimated that by the next decade, cremation rate will reach about 70%.

Decide on burial or cremation:

The decision about burial or cremation is based on the cost. A burial involves a considerable procedure. You will have to buy a casket, in the burial ground, you will have to pay digging and buy head stone and so on. All these involve a considerable expenditure. On an average, a burial costs about $7000.

On the contrary, cremation is burning of the body in a specially built incinerator. This procedure costs less than one-third the expenses involved in a burial. After incineration, you can collect the ashes in an urn and bury them. This may cost you additional $700 to $900. The funeral directors in Sydney will guide you on the cost of each of these procedures.

Planned funeral service:

Once you call any of the funeral directors, they will give you the price list for the various services they offer. The directors are considerably experienced, and they are aware of most of the customs prevailing in various sects of the community. Yet, if you have any exclusive customs and rituals, you may brief the director about it. The funeral director will ensure the rituals are preformed scrupulously. The funeral directors in Sydney will make all the arrangements, like, for example, buying flowers, buying new clothes (this is depending on your custom), arranging for casket and arrangements at the burial or cremation ground and so on. They also make all the paper works needed, including hospital report and such related documents.

Decent funeral service:

According to the Institute of Occupational Medicine, funeral directors are prone to an ailment called Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The funeral directors may contact this ailment because of chemicals used during the process of embalming of the deceased. In spite of this, when everyone in the family is in deep sorrow over the death of their beloved, it is the funeral director who takes the lead to provide the much-needed decent funeral services to the departed soul.

Federal laws:

In order to regulate the funeral services, the Federal Government has introduced several norms. For example, the norms stipulate that the funeral directors must produce the price list of various services. The director should give complete freedom to the family members about the type of funeral services and the rituals to be followed. In fact, the law stipulates the funeral director should not give suggestions to the family members of the deceased on the type of funeral procedure. The law requires that every such firm should be registered with the appropriate government agency.

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