Basic Facts about the Main Costs of Living in an Aged Care Home

When you or a loved one is no longer capable of carrying out daily tasks on your own because of old age, you or they may choose live in an aged care home in Brighton or other parts of Victoria, which is approved by the government. This kind of senior accommodation is also referred to as nursing home, residential aged care, or aged care facility. This is especially helpful for those elderly individuals who need ongoing assistance with day-to-day tasks. So, if you are an elderly relative who is in need of daily assistance, then you should consider living in an aged care Brighton, Craigieburn, Knox, or other nearby areas in Melbourne.

Who’s eligible to live in an aged care facility?

If you’re 65 years old or older, or a 50+ year old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, who finds it hard to function as you used to on a daily basis, you may be eligible for aged care services that are funded by the Australian government.

But first, you need to go through an assessment to determine if you really are eligible for:

  • Part or full funding by the Australian Government; and

  • Services that are regulated by the government.

Otherwise, you can opt for a private aged care in Brighton area, instead.

Four kinds of costs and fees for aged care:

Currently, there four types of fees and costs of aged care services.

Basic Daily Fee

You will need to pay for a fee that covers daily living costs, including meals, cleaning, utilities, and laundry services. These will be 85% of the single Age Pension, which is set by the Department of Human Services.

As of September 2018, the maximum basic daily fee was $50.66. But because the cost of living increases twice a year, the basic daily fee will also increase twice a year. Whether you receive the Age Pension or not, the fee you will be paying will be the same with everyone.

Means-Tested Care Fee

The Department of Human Services will determine if you have to pay this fee, which will be based on your income and assets. People who can afford higher rates may choose not to complete the 132 question income and asset assessment. They expect to pay higher rates anyway. But this can be an expensive mistake, which can affect the Brighton aged care homes that you will have access to.

If you have a spouse, the Department of Human Services will base your fee on half of you and your wife/husband’s combined income and assets. You won’t be asked to pay more after you have reached the annual and lifetime caps of this fee.

As of September 2018, the maximum amount you will be asked to pay for this fee in a year is $26,566.54, or $65,357.64 in a lifetime.

Accommodations Costs

The aged care Brighton facility you will be staying at will charge a fee for the accommodation they will provide. This includes the maintenance costs. This means that accommodation fees will be different for every facility, which will be based on the local property prices, amenities provided, and size and type of room.

Depending on your finances, the Department of Human Services might pay for a percentage of the amount or the full amount. A maximum of $55 per day will be subsidised by the government.

Additional Services

Aged care homes may charge an additional fee for extras, including the following:

  • Phone and internet service

  • Cable or satellite television

  • Special of meals and certain beverages, i.e., beer, spirits, and wines

  • Facilities, like a library, swimming pool, gym, etc.

  • Onsite hairstylist or beautician

Before making a decision…

It’s important that you discuss these costs with your elderly loved one or with the main financier to ensure that the best decision will be made.

If there are costs or fees that are not clear to you, contact an aged care facility near you today. For Brighton and other parts of Victoria, visit today!